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Отзывы: the silver bullet, жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции

Snegurochka i Ded Moroz
31 Января 2021 г. (воскресенье)
Не понятно.
Заказала по отзывам. Но, для меня не сделал ничего.
18 Января 2021 г. (понедельник)
Качественный продукт.
31 Декабря 2020 г. (четверг)
oh you can feel it
6 Июля 2019 г. (суббота)
Superprodukt for anti grey hair!
This produkt makes grey hear go away. It is unfortunately out of stock, but i hope it will comeback soon. Will buy again if so. Iherb is cheaper than manufaktur, they are to exspensive to get it to my country, inkluding shipping and taxes.
7 Января 2019 г. (понедельник)
I read about indium and other trace minerals to be essential in the body. As I am making up a recovery program for myself after lyme, I test what works for me and this was a tested a yes, is good for me. So in the morning a take 2 drops on my tongue, as prescribed. Tast is sour but it feels o.k.
23 Октября 2017 г. (понедельник)
Feeling better already
I have only been using for 1 week and I am sleeping better and have more energy.
I also seem to be in a great mood every day.
19 Июля 2017 г. (среда)
Great kinds of valuable supplements these are.
Happy with both the product and the price that iherb is offering.

Just 1 small thing though: I hope maybe in the future all international shipping can become with the great shipping prices, not just some times.

1 Марта 2017 г. (среда)
I was recommended this as being good for the body. Taste is pleasant and leaves a tingle on the tongue. I cant say much after 3 weeks, but i continue taking it. So far, so good.
14 Ноября 2013 г. (четверг)
Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Liquid Mineral
I took Indiumease 1 drop every day in the first week and my feel is so much better now. I can sleep so well:)
4 Февраля 2013 г. (понедельник)
silver bullet
I took this for a couple of weeks and was amazed by the result, my skin was glowing and I looked younger! But then I did some research about indium, taking it by mouth may result in damage to the liver, heart and kidneys... So I stopped taking it..
10 Сентября 2012 г. (понедельник)
Very Unique
19 Декабря 2011 г. (понедельник)
No noticeable effect.
The hype on this product is interesting but it did not compare with my experience. This is not to deny that it is beneficial as it may well be; it simply is that it did nothing for me of which I am or, was, aware so hence candid low rating.
17 Мая 2011 г. (вторник)
26 Апреля 2011 г. (вторник)
A Minor Miracle for joint pain!
As a physician I know too well the limitations and side effects of medications given for arthritis. So when my osteoarthritis symptoms became disabling in my hands I sought an alternative. Tried several herbal, tinctures, etc... raisins with gin, multiple forms of glucosamine and chrondroitin, MSM, Strontium ... and on. Finally found Indiumease worked in 2-3 days and I actually have no joint pain/swelling taking 3 drops 5-7 days a week. No joint pain means no more joint destruction and therefore no more deformities. There is also no pain with barometric pressure changes before storms. Been taking over 9 months. ALL IN ALL A MINOR MIRACLE!! Have been recommending it ...
9 Февраля 2011 г. (среда)
love this product
I have been taking this product for the last two month, it did some miracle to expedite the healing of my thyroid nodule, and overall feeling of well being like mental clarity, energy, stamina. This product worth of every penny.
5 Января 2011 г. (среда)
wow this thing keeps me warm!
I take it early morning and I can go back to sleep right away. It has a calmness factor. My hair continues to fall, maybe takes longer to work. I have only been taking one drop for just three weeks or so. The natural products that I was taking for water retention caused the skin around my eyes to wrinkle, after adding turmeric, royal jelly and indumease the effects started to reverse. I cut off those (except for pycnogenol)supplements, my face is looking youthful. So happy!
15 Октября 2010 г. (пятница)
The indiumease was delivered to my address in Australia in less than a week, which was very impressive.
7 Октября 2010 г. (четверг)
love it
Will be buying more.
30 Сентября 2010 г. (четверг)
Been doing it for 3 weeks and I must say it does what it says.
26 Мая 2010 г. (среда)
works great
Sugar went back to normal and it has increased my energy
22 Мая 2010 г. (суббота)
I found this product made me feel more motivated and organised and people close to me tell me that I am looking younger, despite my busy lifestyle. I recommend it for anyone over 50 who is feeling low in energy. I tried taking one drop under my tongue just after cleaning my teeth in the morning, as I have heard that some products such as Zinc, absorb more efficiently there than through the digestive system. That seems to work as a very small drop makes me feel just so much younger.
1 Ноября 2009 г. (воскресенье)
Indiumease Review
A hard to find mineral is this particular form. My wellness physician recomended this supplement, preferably in liquid form, since it will be more easily absorbed into your body. I have found it easy to take and very benifical.
2 Сентября 2009 г. (среда)
Very Good
This is a wonderful product, it does what it says.
1 Апреля 2009 г. (среда)
Totaly awesome supplement
Helps with absortion and digestion, thats just so awesome; i tested it with muscle testing it IS effecient!
3 Марта 2009 г. (вторник)
Not much to describe.
I have not noticed much affects from the indiumease product that I ordered. No noticeable changes in physical, mental or emotional experience.
Thank You
27 Января 2009 г. (вторник)
Great product delivered quickly and well packaged
The order process was easy, overseas delivery went without a hitch, happy customer :)
14 Января 2009 г. (среда)
Indiumease, The Silver Bullet,
From using this product my requirement for Chromium and Magnesium has decreased as it certainly does seem to enhance absorbtion. I have also notice improved sleep patterns.
5 Декабря 2008 г. (пятница)
Feeling GREAT!
8 Октября 2008 г. (среда)
It is easy for carry anywhere you go
Indiumease is good in chemical detoxification, disease resistant and very anti-aging to normalize master glands.
10 Сентября 2008 г. (среда)
I look for a good Indium supplement
I notice a general "wellness" associated with taking this supplement. I particualrly affects digestion and also soothes sore throats.

I would highly recommend ths product.

I definitely know when I do not take it!
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Вопросы: the silver bullet

Описание the silver bullet, жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции

  • Запатентованное жидкое минеральное # 49 индий питание
  • Узнай питательное открытие 21-го века

Индий и Indiumease представляет собой жидкий минерал, запатентованный George A.H. Bonadio. Индий и Indiumease является пропавшей связью, объединяющей две крупные минеральные группы. Индий и Indiumease и процесс Bonadio созданы для облегчения жизни. Индий и Indiumease повышает усвоение минералов.

Индий и Indiumease был тестирован на безопасность, и Индий и Indiumease является самым безопасным микроэлементом. Индий и Indiumease нормализует основные железы и улучшает спортивные результаты. Индий и Indiumease может помочь спортсменам побить рекорды скорости, силы и выносливости. Индий и Indiumease может понизить наркотическую, химическую и алкогольную токсичность. Индий является 7-м наиболее редким микроэлементом. Индий и Indiumease увеличивает усвоение минералов железами в процессе антивозрастного восстановления. Запатентованный процесс Bonadio впервые в истории сделал индий и INDIUMEASE абсорбируемым.

Индий- это минеральный элемент #49. INDIUMEASE, как сульфат индия, является жидкой минеральной добавкой, без которой вы сможете прожить, но без которой вам не удастся достигнуть оптимального антивозрастного восстановления и сопротивляемости болезням.

Из чего состоит the silver bullet

1 мг 99,99% чистого индия на каплю.

Как принимать the silver bullet

1/2 унции это запас на 90 дней для 150 фунтов, 60 дней для 200 фунтов.

Среднее количество в день это 1 капля на 50 фунтов веса тела, принимать на заднюю часть языка в желудок после пробуждения утром и подождать 10 минут, прежде чем пить или есть. Увеличивайте прием от 1 капли/день на первой неделе, до 2 капель/день на второй неделе и т.д.

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